Phase 2 Launch of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution


As part of its ongoing efforts to foster innovation and accelerate the Group’s digital transformation, the Group Strategy Division, in collaboration with Group IT Division, proudly announces the release of Phase 2 of the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution.


The online platform, internally developed under Oracle APEX, is designed to track, assess, and report corporate performance across the Group.


The new phase of the CPM Solution introduces several key enhancements aimed at improving user experience and ensuring a more effective performance tracking system. One of the major improvements is the enhanced user interface, which offers a more intuitive and streamlined experience for tracking a comprehensive set of performance measures. This enhancement focuses on both current and future organizational performance, providing the necessary tools to ensure sustained success.


Supporting the evolution of the Group’s digital infrastructure with solutions that empower employees and drive organizational excellence remains a priority for the Group Strategy Division. The CPM Solution Phase #2 is a critical step in this journey, poised to make a positive impact across the Group.