Mars Wrigley Expands Partnership with Gulfco to Cover Entire General Trade in UAE


Gulf Trading and Refrigerating LLC (GULFCO) is proud to announce that Mars Wrigley has significantly expanded its distribution responsibilities. This new assignment will see GULFCO distributing Mars products across the entire General Trade in the UAE, reaching an extensive range of outlets including Groceries, Self-service, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Catering Companies, Coffee Shops, Airports, and Parks.


Currently, GULFCO’s Mars Wrigley operations serve primarily Groceries, Petrol Stations, and a limited number of Self-Service accounts. With this expanded assignment, GULFCO will be adding 1,000 new outlets, bringing the total to 10,000 covered outlets across the UAE. This assignment encompasses all Mars product categories including Chocolate, Confectionery, Gum, Healthy Bars, Ice Cream, Cake, and Pet Food.

To support this significant expansion, GULFCO will be enhancing its team and logistics capabilities to ensure a successful assignment-kickoff date of July 1st.
This new responsibility not only cements GULFCO’s position as the biggest customer for Mars Wrigley in the UAE but also ranks GULFCO as the second largest in the GCC. It is anticipated that this expanded partnership will increase GULFCO’s Mars Wrigley business by at least 50%.


Mohd Sabry, Managing Director of GULFCO, expressed his enthusiasm about the expanded partnership: “We are honored by the trust Mars Wrigley has placed in us with this significant assignment. This expansion is a testament to our robust distribution capabilities and our commitment to excellence. We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with Mars Wrigley and driving their business growth in the UAE.”