Group Human Capital Division Recognizes Winners of Succession Development Program’s Phase 1


Group Human Capital Division is thrilled to announce the successful completion of Phase 1 in the highly anticipated Succession Development Program. This phase, designed to inspire and recognize successors, has ignited their passion and dedication as they embarked on their development journey.


In Phase 1, each of the 61 successors was assigned the task of creating a comprehensive 5-year business development plan. After a rigorous evaluation process, which involved shortlisting 14 exceptional successors, the top 3 winners were selected based on their outstanding performance in areas such as strategic vision, innovation, and plan feasibility.


It is important to note that the development journey of the successors varies based on the critical positions they are being developed for. While some successors are expected to complete their succession development program by the end of this year, others are anticipated to finish by next year.


Group Human Capital Division proudly acknowledges the efforts of all the successors and extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Phase 1 winners:

• Mr. Mahmoud Jabreen – Sr. Mechanical Project Engineer (Al Arabia Electro Mechanical)
• Mr. Dilshad Basheer – Procurement Manager (Genavco)
• Mr. Mohammad Ashqar – Showroom Manager (Juma Al Majid Est – Hyundai UAE)


“The Phase 1 winners of the Succession Development Program have showcased outstanding dedication and achievement,” said Mr. Abduselam Hamde, Group Chief Human Capital Officer. “Their success serves as an inspiration to others and highlights our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering internal growth within the group.”



The Succession Development Program aims to cultivate a talent pool comprising competent and motivated employees who are prepared to assume critical positions in case of any eventuality, ensuring seamless continuity and fostering ongoing growth within our group.


Group Human Capital Division remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering internal growth, underscoring the group’s unwavering dedication to excellence.