Group Human Capital Division Empowers Employees with Successful Launch of Career Planning & Development Program


Group Human Capital Division is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the highly anticipated Career Planning and Development Program. This comprehensive program is specifically designed to empower expats and all the Emirati staff, by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to set career goals, explore diverse paths, and pursue growth and development opportunities.



The Launch Event, held in June’23, was attended by a diverse group of 147 individuals, including members of the C-suite team, Business Unit heads, line managers, and participating staff. This momentous event marked the official introduction of the program, which aims to establish a talent pool of competent and motivated employees who are readily available to fill job openings as they arise. By providing individuals with the necessary resources, support, and guidance, the Career Planning and Development Program ensures that they have ample opportunities to advance their careers within the organization.


Mr. Abduselam Hamde, Group Chief Human Capital & Strategy Officer, shared his excitement, saying, “Our Career Planning and Development Program is a significant milestone in helping our employees grow and succeed. Be proactive in shaping your career, seizing opportunities, and achieving your goals. Success awaits those who are ambitious, dedicated, and embrace their own development. We are here to support you every step of the way.”



Group Human Capital Division is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of employees within the organization. The Career Planning and Development Program aligns with the group’s strategic focus on nurturing its key asset – its employees. Through innovative programs and initiatives, the division aims to empower individuals, enhance their skills, and create a strong talent pool of motivated professionals who contribute to the overall success of the group.