Group Finance Division Enhances Debt Collector Skills with Corporate Income Tax Training


Group Finance Division – Collection Department with the full support of Mr. Akef Al Attar, Group Chief Finance Officer, recently organized a specialized training session for its debt collectors focusing on Corporate Income Tax (CIT). The training aimed to equip debt collectors with a comprehensive understanding of tax regulations, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficiency in payment processing.



By providing debt collectors with training on this subject, the Collection Department seeks to benefit the Group and its business units in multiple ways. Understanding tax regulations is crucial for debt collectors to ensure compliance when collecting payments, reducing the risk of non-compliance for the concerned Business Unit. Proper training also ensures that debt collectors accurately calculate tax liabilities, reducing errors in payment processing and potential financial discrepancies. With a clear understanding of tax regulations, debt collectors can streamline the payment process, reducing delays and improving overall efficiency in debt collection operations.


Mr. Tarek Al Asmar, Group Collection Manager, and Mr. Bay Baklin Labib, Collection Supervisor, led and provided the training, which was attended by 50 participants. During the event, appreciation certificates were also presented to those executives who exceeded their 2023 targets, recognizing their outstanding achievements and contributions to the department’s success.



“We are committed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of our debt collectors to ensure effective and efficient debt collection processes. By providing training on corporate income tax regulations, we aim to optimize our operations and contribute to the overall success of the Group and its business units” said Mr. Tarek Al Asmar, Group Collection Manager.


The Group Finance Division is dedicated to constantly developing the qualifications of its staff. Through ongoing training and professional development opportunities, the division aims to strengthen the expertise and capabilities of its team members, ensuring they are equipped to meet the evolving needs of the Group.