Group Celebrates UAE’s 52nd National Day with Staff and Directors


Juma Al Majid Holding Group proudly commemorated the spirit of unity and pride on the occasion of the UAE’s 52nd National Day. The Group’s Senior Management hosted a celebratory event gathering Emirati staff, directors, and managers from various divisions and entities.

The festive occasion, held at the Group’s headquarters, echoed the unity, diversity, and progress that characterize the nation’s rich heritage and modern achievements. It was a vibrant gathering reflecting the Group’s commitment to honoring the UAE’s legacy and fostering a sense of belonging among its diverse workforce.


Amidst joyous celebrations, Mr. Tarig Shalabi, Group Chief Operating Officer, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the Emirati staff and extended warm regards to all attendees, stating, “As we mark the UAE’s 52nd National Day, it’s a moment of immense pride and gratitude. This day signifies the unity, strength, and vision that have shaped this great nation. We are privileged to celebrate this special occasion in the presence of our esteemed Emirati staff and colleagues, who play an integral role in our journey of growth and success. We thank them for their unwavering commitment and contributions to the prosperity of both the Group and the UAE.”

The event featured cultural displays, traditional Emirati cuisine, and engaging activities that highlighted the UAE’s vibrant heritage and progressive achievements. It served as a testament to the Group’s unwavering support for the nation’s values, cultural diversity, and vision for a prosperous future.

Juma Al Majid Holding Group remains dedicated to honoring the UAE’s legacy, fostering inclusivity, and nurturing a collaborative environment that reflects the values and aspirations of the nation.