Empowering Emiratis: A Transformative Journey of Growth and Development


Juma Al Majid Holding Group proudly announces a significant milestone in its commitment to nurturing Emirati talents within its workforce. On October 5th and 9th, 52 Emirati employees embarked on a transformative training journey titled “Understanding Your Workplace using DiSC Behavioral Styles,” yielding remarkable results.

This training program marks a pivotal moment in the collective development of the Group. It provides valuable insights that enhance individual capabilities, promote seamless collaboration and understanding among team members, as well as equipping participants with the tools for success such as self-awareness and improved communication.

The Group’s unwavering commitment to the growth and development of its Emirati workforce is exemplified by the Individual Development Plan (IDP). This program, which extends to 2024 and at no cost, aims at empowering all Emirati employees to master their current roles. Upon the successful completion of the program, all Emiratis can then advance to the next phase being – the Career Planning & Development Program.

Mr. Abduselam Hamde, Group Chief Human Capital & Strategy Officer, emphasized “mastering one’s current role is a pivotal step toward progressing in the Career Planning & Development program… Talent matters, mastering behavior sets leaders apart.”

Juma Al Majid Holding Group embraces this journey with passion and determination, recognizing that the success of its Emirati employees is synonymous with the Group’s success.