Digital Transformation in Procurement at Group’s Contracting & Services Sector Leads to Remarkable Savings


Juma Al Majid Holding Group – Contracting & Services Sector is proud to announce the significant achievements resulting from its digital transformation initiatives within its Procurement department. These efforts have not only brought about substantial cost savings but also modernized and digitized dated procurement processes to enhance efficiency and transparency.

The Procurement team embarked on a series of strategic measures to streamline operations and improve overall performance. Supplier conferences held in December’22 and February’23 served as the foundation for these initiatives, effectively communicating the features and benefits of the new system to key stakeholders. March’23 witnessed a remarkable milestone as enrollment into the group’s eProcurement portal gained momentum. By migrating purchase order (PO) delivery to the portal, the Procurement team eliminated the reliance on emails thereby streamlining the process for enrolled suppliers and reducing manual errors.

Today, over 650 suppliers have embraced the digital platform, actively utilizing the eProcurement portal to conduct business with Business Units within the C&S Division. The overwhelming response from suppliers highlights the attractiveness of the platform, which provides a seamless experience and facilitates smoother transactions.

In an effort to drive innovation and ensure optimal value, the Procurement team successfully conducted a pilot reverse auction. This cutting-edge procurement strategy showcased the team’s commitment to transparency in pricing and resulted in outstanding savings. The success of this initiative reinforces Juma Al Majid Holding Group’s dedication to utilizing technology to modernize traditional procurement methods.

As a direct outcome of these digital transformation initiatives, the Procurement team achieved remarkable savings in its launch bid project. The efficiency gains and cost reductions have not only bolstered the financial health of the organization but also positioned Juma Al Majid Group as a frontrunner in procurement excellence.

Looking forward, the Procurement team is eager to capitalize on the group’s size and volumes by consolidating requirements and scope. This consolidation will enable improved negotiations with suppliers, yielding even more substantial cost savings. The team is confident that these efforts will deliver enhanced value for the entire organization.

“We are thrilled with the results of our digital transformation journey in procurement,” said Suhail Siddiqui, Procurement Director – C&S Division. “The adoption of the eProcurement portal and the implementation of innovative strategies have allowed us to streamline processes, drive cost savings, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. We remain committed to embracing technology and leveraging our collective strengths to continue delivering exceptional value for the organization.”

The management of C&S Division acknowledges the invaluable contributions and collaboration of its suppliers and teams throughout this digital transformation process. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in the successful implementation of these initiatives.