Al Arabia for Elevators & Moving Systems Implements Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality Technology to Revolutionize Elevator Maintenance and live remote solutions


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Al Arabia for Elevators & Moving Systems has achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality technology. This cutting-edge solution has transformed how the company approaches elevator and walkway maintenance as well as live remote troubleshooting enabling seamless collaboration and improving efficiency. The recent test conducted by Al Arabia EMS technicians (on-site), Al Arabia supervisors and engineers (at Al Arabia’s offices), in collaboration with Sigma Elevators’ senior engineers and their teams based in Korea and China, demonstrated the immense potential of this innovative technology.

During the test, led by Al Arabia EMS Senior Quality Engineer – Abdul Kader Subaih and his team seamlessly collaborated with Sigma’s engineers in Korea and China using Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality technology. Equipped with a virtual reality headset Microsoft calls the HoloLens, the technicians on-site were able to share their field of vision in real-time with the remote experts. This breakthrough approach allowed the Sigma engineers to provide real-time instructions and solutions to the on-site technicians, guiding them through the required maintenance and repair work. The ability to interact remotely eliminated the need for traditional communication methods, such as emailing pictures or videos for problem assessment and advice, resulting in significantly reduced timelines of providing solutions by at least 2 to 3 weeks



“We are delighted to support Al Arabia EMS in achieving this breakthrough in their elevator maintenance operations through the implementation of Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality technology,” said Ahmad Al Shami, IT Operations Senior Manager at Juma Al Majid Holding Group’s IT Division. “The recent test showcased the remarkable potential of this technology in connecting technicians on-site with remote experts, saving valuable time and effort. We believe this technology will not only elevate the services of Al Arabia EMS but also drive advancements across other business units with relevant services.”

By leveraging the existing MS Teams infrastructure within the group, coupled with Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality technology, Al Arabia EMS technicians can now connect with supervisors and engineers in real-time while conducting maintenance jobs. This seamless connectivity enables swift decision-making, efficient problem-solving, and knowledge sharing, ultimately enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.

The adoption of Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed Reality technology holds immense implications for Al Arabia EMS and the wider elevator maintenance industry. Technicians can access real-time data, training modules, and simulations, empowering them with accurate information and enhancing their competency. This streamlined maintenance process reduces downtime, optimizes resource allocation, and provides an exceptional customer experience.

“We are thrilled about the successful implementation of Mixed Reality technology and the significant benefits it brings to our elevator maintenance operations,” said Zeidan Loutfi, General Manager of Al Arabia for Elevators Moving Systems. “This achievement underscores our commitment to digital

transformation and innovation, ensuring that our customers remain at the core of everything we do. We are excited about the future possibilities this technology holds for us.”

Al Arabia EMS remains dedicated to pursuing digital transformation initiatives and is eager to explore further the capabilities of Mixed Reality technology to enhance its services. This milestone reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing exceptional maintenance solutions and driving innovation within the industry.