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We represent forefront innovative products related to fire and safety industries mostly from European, American companies. The prestigious project clients and consultant grade us as on of the topmost quality fire protection contractors we have gained reputations as the best professional contractors.

We are involved in design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of fire detection, protection, sprinkler, foam and gas systems. Distinctive installations are mainly in Commercial, residential buildings, LPG/LNG storage facilities, oil tankers, jetties, tank farms, power stations, electrical substations and Industrial plants.

We provide a cost of effective design of fire detection and protection system according to the reliable international standard that is intended to minimize the incident of fire and averting the disaster. Our experienced engineers are equipped with latest hydraulic program, AutoCAD, and Foam Calculation Software and are trained / certified by our principals as well as NFPA Organization.

Some of our Principals are as follows :

Angus Fire, UK

It is the leading manufacturer of fire fighting and sprinkler equipment since 1978.

Angus Fire is part of the British Company KIdde Products Ltd. which in turin is part of UTC Fire & Security. Angus Fire has a unique world position in the design and manufacture of industrial fire protection systems covering following items.

1. Fire hoses ranging from Duraline, Coverlite and Hydra.
2. Foam Concentrate ranging from AFFF,AR-AFFF,AR-FFFP,FFFP,FP,HEX etc.
3. Foam Equipment ranging from Portable, Fixed and Mobile and stream lined Monitors.
4. Portable Fire Pump ranging from 400,500,800,1800,2300 litres/min.
5. Waterway equipment like Hi -Combat Nozzles, Breeching, head manifolds, Coupling, Hydrants and Standpipes.
6. Fire extinguishers portable and wheeled of both S-EN3 Standard and Tartan Ranges.
7. Fire hose reels and Cabinets.
8. Sprinkler Heads, Deluge Nozzles, and Pre actions Valve stations.

Edwards System Technology of GE Security Family
It is a leader in commercial and industrial life safety and solutions including fire, security, emergency evacuation, access control CCTV, nursecall and industrial audio.

Walker Fire, Uk
It is the quality manufacture of all kind of building fire protection system such as Portable / wheeled Fire extinguishers, fire hose reel, landing low/ high pressure landing valves, lay flat fire hoses , all kind of cabinets in commercial and industrial sector projects. Walker Fire has full design and installation capabilities on fixed systems, which include Co2, Kitchen Canopy Wet Chemical installations, Foam Bladder Tanks for ring Mains and fire monitors.

Hochiki Fire Alarm System, UK
It manufactures quality fire detectors for commercial and industrial application as is distinguished by its experience and expertise in this field since 1918.Hochiki is manufacturing Analogue ESP Range of analogue addressable sensors, bases, modules, sounders and call points, Conventional CDX Range of conventional detectors, bases, sounder devices and call points (including our Marine Approved and Intrinsically Safe ranges). Axillary items specifically designed for the testing and maintaining of the hochiki range of products as well as alternative detection equipment.

Reliable Sprinkler system, USA
It manufactures fire sprinklers and system devices and components.

Elkhart Brass, USA
It manufactures quality handline select-to-flow nozzles, Master stream nozzles, Monitors and deck guns, foreground appliances, apparatus valves, building systems and many other products.

Fire End Croker, USA
They are manufacures of Fire extinguishers, Cabinets, Vaves, Pillar Hydrants, Fire hose pin rack systems etc.

Nibco Valves, USA
It is the worldwide manufacturer of flow control poducts of residential, commercial construction, industrial, and irrigation markets. They are pioneer in maufacturing of quality Actiuation, Ball VAlves, Check Valves, Fire protection Valves, Gate Valves etc.

Oshokosh Truck Corporation, USA
They manufacture world's toughest specialty trucks Domestic Fire Trcuks, Air Craft Crash Tenders, Military Vehicles, and Concrete Mixer Trucks etc.

Firepro Systems Ltd-Cyprus
It manufactures Ozone Friendly-Cost Effective-Halon alternative called Fire Extinguishing Aerosal Generators.

Safety Hi-tech, Italia
It manufactures Fire Extinguishing Agents.

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