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Job Title : Senior Electrical Technician ( IOM-2020 )
Job Location : Dubai
Job Industry : Others
Job Function : Building Maintenance and Facility Management
Preferred Nationalities : Any
Gender : Male
Minimum Educational Qualification : Mechanical or Electrical Diploma
Relevant Years of Experience: : 5-12
Age : 25-45
Posted Date : 01-09-2020

 Job Purpose:

Follow up for Repair, maintain, PPM , site inspections, Reporting for HVAC systems, Plumping, mechanical or Electrical.

Attend and solve all complaints related to any Plumping , Mechanical, HVAC issues received by the premise\'s occupant in a short time and good quality work.


Total sites: 10 to 25 buildings approximately 300 units.

Principal Accountability:

1) Solves and attend all kind of Plumping Mechanical, HVAC complaints.

2) Follow up with technicians to maintain all kind of HVAC System, chillers, DX, package unit es, split unite.

3) In charge of any mechanical issues must make inspections and assess potential problems. These professionals also recommend changes or upgrades to the systems to increase productivity and functionality.

4) Perform scheduled maintenance and preventative repairs on all Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC systems.

5) Supervising technicians and instruct them to their responsibility, which includes and training new technician team members.

6) Follow up with the all sub-contractor and inspect there PPM act ivates.

7) Create W\\O and follow up with the Engineer to complete the required job.

8) Generate all kind of reports, condition reports, renovation report...

9) Follows the preventive maintenance program planned by the engineer.

10) Coordinate the other field technicians when needed to working inside the electrical panels or control panels.

11) Reports to the in charge engineer if any anomaly has been happened or observed to take

immediate action.

12) Follows all the in charge instructions to keep the equipment\'s well maintained and in good working condition.

Minimum Requirement

• Mechanical or Electrical diploma or equivalent.

• Good communication skills good English speaking.

• Knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials

  • Knowledge of applicable Electrical or Mechanical and HVAC codes, and standards. 8 to 12 years\' experience in maintenance field.

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